Hi, and welcome to Down in the Delta and Pimperl Place!  If you thought you were coming to a "vintage and antiques market" site, you didn't make a mistake!  It's still us, John and Judy, hosts of the Down in the Delta Vintage & Antiques Markets.  While we will still do the occasional pop-up market, read on to learn about some changes!

  A wise friend recently told me, "If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans."  Well, God  must be having  a good laugh at us right about now.  

Going into our third year of vintage and antiques markets, we felt the need to cancel our Spring Market 2018 to focus on a trip to Virginia to plan our daughter's wedding, the wedding, and the completion of our second cabin, but we had  planned to get back on track  with our Fall/Holiday Market 2018.  That was OUR plan.  God had other plans.  

We are now full-time caregivers for a relative, so we're putting the twice-a-year big market events on the back burner.  When and if our circumstances change (and God approves!) we'll do another large market, but until then...we're a venue with some occasional small pop-up markets.  

I'll have to say too, that I'm okay with this change!  An event this large is very hard to coordinate and manage by one couple.  For us, it takes many months of twelve hour days to pull one off, with us doing almost every single thing ourselves--designing marketing materials, getting it all ordered for print, finding vendors, contracts and vendor packets, getting marketing materials out, tv appearances, press releases, buying merchandise, pricing and inventory of merchandise, lining up entertainment, ordering porto-potties, getting the grounds ready, having pest control company in to spray the ground for ants, buying appropriate insurance, feeding vendors on set-up day, and many other things I've not even mentioned!  Did you know so much went into hosting a market?  Most markets have a team of people working!  I do have fabulous family members who helped during the weekend of the actual event, and  a couple of great friends who help us from time to time with the grounds.  (They know that we'll still be calling on them all occasionally!)  Anyway, I'm looking forward to a slower pace for a season...

So, I mentioned an occasional "pop-up market."  These smaller events will be simple tents set up with great vintage merchandise--no porta-potties, no entertainment, no food vendors, and no admission!  We should be able to do our markets in a much simpler way, still offering fabulous merchandise, but without all the time consuming and expensive trimmings.  End result is you still get to go home with some fine treasures!  Hopefully, what we do will still be worthy of another appearance in Flea Market Style's Roundup listings!

We are now focusing most of our daily work on Pimperl Place as a  wedding or special event venue, our two  cabins, and working on the walking trails.  (Oh, and this all calls for more flowers!  It gives me great joy to work on the grounds with flowers, and I've missed that for a couple of years now.)  Pimperl Place is a great choice for your photo sessions--perfect for engagement or outdoor bridal shoots to set the theme for your woodland wedding!   And speaking of woodland weddings....well, we have woods, and a creek, and lots of huge trees and lots of moss.   Click on these links for more information on what we have to offer at Pimperl Place:  Weddings, Events.

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Please browse around the newly redesigned website, and if you see something you like and need more information, please shoot me an email at judypimperl@yahoo.com or give me a call at 251-937-3572.

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