My jewelry pieces are all made by hand, one at a time.   My style can be described as a bit edgy,  moody, will see ocean-inspired pieces with lots of references to will see lots of honey bees...and words - words are powerful...some pieces are inspired by the vintage/antique fragments that I thing's for sure - each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, a piece of art to wear.

I use mixed metals to make them coordinate well with your companion pieces.  

Details:  You will notice that my hand-hammered printing is a little wonky-this is intentional-it's all part of my style.  I also celebrate imperfections found on some of these old objects that are incorporated as elements in my jewelry, as they are scars that detail their histories.  I do like to go an extra step to finish my pieces with nice details, like eyelets in the drilled holes.  (Most smashed necklaces just have drilled holes...I like the more finished and refined look the eyelet gives and it's an opportunity to add another color of metal.) 

On the smashed spoon necklace descriptions, you will see each item marked " Extra Large," "Large," "Medium," or "Small."  These labels are referring to the bowl size of the vintage or antique gumbo spoon that was used.  Most are strung on black or brown polished leather.  

My copper and sterling silver pieces are all made entirely by hand from raw metals.  I like to incorporate stone beads and crystals into many of these pieces, as well.

You will notice many pieces are marked "Sold."  I leave them up so that people can get ideas about what I can make.  Contact me if you see something you like that's already sold as it may be possible for me to make something similar.


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