The Tiny House

This is our newest addition to Pimperl Place.  It was a stick-built tiny home, built in Mississippi, and moved onto the property by a house mover.  That was a process!

It is indeed tiny, but feels cozy with the warm woodsy color scheme and shiplap walls.  It also feels more spacious than it actually is due to the double antique french glass doors that open onto a large deck in front.  This one sleeps two--one up in the loft bed (twin size) and the other down on the main level on a twin bed that folds out from an ottoman.  (There is a foam mattress topper available for added comfort.)

There's a whole lot of goodness packed into this tiny space!  The indoor/outdoor stacking chairs can be moved out to the deck for more space when night falls and it's time to open the bed.  This unit is equipped with a full bath, kitchen area with microwave oven, small refrigerator, and pod-style coffee maker.  The small bar area is perfect for enjoying a meal at the window or working on a laptop computer.
Outside on the deck is a spool table with umbrella, a firepit and picnic table, creating the perfect recipe for a weekend retreat from the real world.

For rates and information on booking our tiny house, please email, or call 251-937-3572.

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