Spring Market, 2016 was held in April, and the weather was horrible, so I changed the month to May for the 2017 event hoping for "May flowers" rather than "April showers" or storms.  Well, set-up day on Thursday was very stormy, so my plan didn't work out so well, but we pushed through anyway and ended up with a beautiful Friday and Saturday.  I could have changed the event to take place the following weekend, but we had already confirmed appearances and demonstrations for our special guests from Southern Living magazine, and that would have ruined those plans, so I made the decision to carry on.

Robert (Bob) Perino and Buffy Hargett, along with Buffy's sister, Phyllis, brought great presentations, some giveaways and posed with shoppers for lots of pictures.  We really enjoyed having them here, and they definitely did Southern Living proud!  

The venue was full with great vendors and fabulous offerings.  To get a good look at some of the things that were brought in, take a look at the album for Spring Market-2017 over in "Gallery."  

We were happy as all three of our grown children were on hand to help us!  It seems crazy, but it's really hard to get them all in one place at once anymore now that they all have their careers and full lives.  Our daughter tries to make the trip from her home in Virginia to help us with each spring event, and this time she brought her fiance'.  Our two boys live locally, but it was still special to have them all here with us.  We enjoyed a big celebration dinner out after everything closed down and all vendors left on Saturday evening.  I wonder how long it'll be before we can do that again...

Our little market out in the country is growing, both in the number of vendors and the shoppers, so for that, we are thankful.  We appreciate each and every person who plays a part in our market "Down in the Delta."  Thank you!


...was the first event held at the new venue, Pimperl Place.  It was a beautiful October weekend, with blue skies and pumpkins everywhere! Hundreds of people came out to enjoy the market and shop with our vendors who brought in by some of the best treasures I've ever seen!  I, personally, picked up several Christmas gifts, some hand-made jewelry, soap, candles, and added to a collection of white ironstone.  

Shoppers were coming and going at a steady pace throughout the weekend, except for Saturday around 2:00....it's hard to compete with those football games no matter how fabulous and wonderful the merchandise is!  I think I'll tweak on the market hours next fall, taking this into consideration...

Some even took advantage of the hayrides offered by Mr. John and his red tractor.  Kids of all ages piled onto the trailer filled with hay and made their way down through the woods to the creek where they saw a six-point buck on one trip, and a baby deer on another.  We even did a nighttime hayride which gave us the idea to include some other Halloween haunted hayride events next year...


...was held in what the meteorologist called "flooding rains"....and I will have to say he hit the nail on the head with that call.  Tents were flooding, and I attempted to accommodate outdoors vendors by moving their merchandise inside the pavilion.  It was a bit crowded inside on Friday, but when Saturday rolled around, we were rewarded with a beautiful day. I heard many comments from the shoppers on Saturday, and all were positive.  They thought the vendors and their merchandise were top-notch, and that's what I was going for.  It was simply beautiful. Thank you to the vendors and shoppers who came out to shop the market.  Now, it's on to the next one...

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