Pimperl Place is located in beautiful Baldwin County, Alabama, on a diverse property near the edge of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.  We have an abundance of live oak trees, old-growth longleaf pines, green fields, swamps, and the property borders Dyas Creek.  We celebrate the abundance of wildlife that lives among us—gators, bears, bobcats, wild boar, and everything else one would expect to find in the forest of South Alabama.  We do not hunt the property and attempt  to live in harmony with nature.  If you’re looking for a natural setting for your event, it simply doesn’t get any more natural than Pimperl Place.

For a tour in pictures, if you're viewing from a computer, please hover your mouse over "The Venue" and click on "Gallery."  If viewing from a cell phone, simply click on "Gallery"  under “Venue.”

For rates and availability, please email judypimperl@yahoo.com or call 251-937-3572.

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