Cottage One

Cottage One was our first--created from a shell of a building, with walls already framed, that existed on the property when we purchased it.  Finishing what was already here, we completed a fun little place in the woods to escape!  

We wanted it to be a happy place, so a cheerful color palette was chosen.  

Cottage One sleeps two on the main level, and two more on the upper lofts which are accessed by climbing a ladder attached to the wall.  This cabin has a full bath with shower, hair dryer, and fluffy hotel quality towels; kitchen is furnished with a full-size refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, and pod-type coffee maker.  Dishes are available for four guests.  Main level antique iron bed is full size, with hotel quality mattress and pillows. 

While wi-fi is available, we hope that guests will spend the majority of their time here exploring the vast abundance of flora and fauna that Mother Nature has to offer at Pimperl Place.  Wild wisteria, honeysuckle, native azaleas, and blueberries are examples, and the natural occurring beauty shares the spotlight with seasonal plantings that are always changing.  This is your chance to unplug and escape the day to day routine...

If rain forces you inside, the cabin is furnished with board games, and chalk board walls on the upper levels, so that you make artwork or play tic-tac-toe!  If that's not your cup of tea, well, you can actually sit on the porch with a nice cup of something to drink and just watch the world go by, or take a nap.

For rates and information on booking our cottage, please email us at

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