Featured 10/4/16

One of my featured vendors this week is Dianne Crenshaw, aka  as "The Daylily Lady."   Dianne is one of the warmest people you will ever meet, and she loves to welcome people to Crenshaw Farms with her bright smile.  She is passionate about daylilies, and it's hard to convey in words just how amazing this place is, so I'll just share some pictures.

Dianne also has an antiques shop on the property too, and I've found a few treasures over the years there...Pictured below is one of my favorite "Bohemian" style pieces.

Dianne's place is located just off of I-65 and Hwy 225 in Baldwin County.  You can learn more about the business by visiting her Facebook page, Crenshaw Farms Daylily Garden.

Featured 10/4/16

I want to introduce you to my friend, Dorothy Parker, who makes the most fabulous hats and quilts.  Most days, you can find Dorothy sitting at her sewing machine as it hums along, with her cats napping nearby, while she works on a new creation.  Dorothy also spends time volunteering at the local no-kill animal shelter, where she fell in love with some lucky cats and adopted them as her own fur-babies.

Shown here are some of Dorothy's hats.  They make fantastic Christmas gifts, and they are just fun, as well as functional.  You probably have someone on your gift list who would appreciate a Dorothy Parker original hat.

And, she makes quilts too...

These are nice, heavy quilts-perfect for the cooler nights ahead. Quilts make awesome gifts, too....decisions, decisions.  Come on out and see Dorothy's creations in person, and maybe try on a hat or two.  

Featured on 9/11/16

Meet Ramona Knight of Ramona's Michigan Antiques!  This lady is talented in many ways-not only does she turn out some great painted furniture pieces, she also sells a line of paint products!  She will be demonstrating in her tent throughout the entire two-day market!  You will be able to see the "before" and "after" if you hang around long enough. You will love hanging around her tent-Ramona is as cheerful as her brightly painted furniture pieces!

Ramona's pretty pieces can be found at Antiques at the Loop in Mobile and at The Rusty Rooster in Saraland.  

Be thinking about what pieces you have that you want to paint, and if you need tips, come prepared with your questions for Ramona!

Featured on 9/11/16

I am so happy to feature my friend, Laura, today.  She's the creative genius behind Sticky Fingers Pottery, located right here in Bay MInette, Alabama.

Her pottery is very popular in the markets and galleries of Fairhope and Mobile, and it's so easy to understand why.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, hand-formed piece, sometimes made of Alabama clay that she's dug from a creekbank somewhere!  But, my favorite part of Sticky Fingers Pottery is that she adds a special little sentiment to the back of each piece.  

They make great gifts.  It's so much fun to turn each and every piece over, reading the backs, until you've found just the perfect piece for the intended recipient.

Featured on 8/28/16

Since I first saw Southern Treasures Online's jewelry and crosses, I had hoped we would be lucky enough to have Lynda as a vendor at our market...

She visited our Spring Market, 2016, and decided she wanted to be part of our event, so my wish came true!

She tells how she got her start in the business of upcycling silverware...

"The business of making jewelry and home décor from vintage silverware began by accident.  Someone took a set of silverware into my former antique and consignment shop to sell.  The set didn’t sell, and I felt bad for the person because they needed the money, so I bought the set, even though I didn’t have a use for it.  Then I remembered the silverware jewelry that was popular back in the 1970s, and thought that was something I might be able to replicate to use the silverware.  After experimenting, I came up with necklaces and bracelets that people really liked.  After I closed my shop, I continued to develop a line of items made from vintage silverware. Currently, Southern Treasures Online’s offerings include birthstone bracelets for Moms and Grandmothers, necklaces from spoon bowls and bent forks, key holders, napkin rings, wall crosses made from knife handles, bell necklaces, angel necklaces, anklets, spring hinge bracelets, mermaid tail necklaces, and 4 styles of rings, and watches. Who would have thought a set of silverware would have changed my life!"

I can see why the birthstone bracelets are so popular!  These would make great Christmas gifts for your mom or grandmother, and the October market will be perfect timing for getting those orders in!

Here's a shot of Lynda's studio...it would be a dream to work in this space.

Featured on 8/4/16

I am happy to announce that Coastal Charm Interiors will be attending the fall market again as a vendor.  Linda always has one of the most popular spaces with crowds flocking in to get their hands on her chipping, charming, farmhouse treasures!  I'm sure she will be bringing her A-game to this next event, just like always.  You will not be disappointed...

She tells me she will have plenty of cotton which is so fun for fall and winter decorating.

And, if you follow Linda on social media, you already know that she can't wait to welcome the first grandchild into the world!  She has even started selling baby items, which has been something she's wanted to do for some time now....great timing!

The baby treasures can be found at her second location, which is in Fairhope, inside Southern Antiques and Accents Downtown. Incidentally, they are celebrating their grand opening this Friday evening.  Drop in and say hello if you happen to be in the Fairhope, Alabama area!  (Baby items are not available in the Mobile location.)

And, as always, Coastal Charm Interiors can be found inside Antiques at the Loop in Mobile where Linda continues to bring the best in antique and vintage treasures.  Linda's shops there are also the front display windows, so when you drop by, be sure to take a look through the windows before you go inside from a different perspective.  

Linda will have a double space at the fall market, so that means oodles and oodles of goodies!  Can't wait to see what she brings!!

Featured on 7/20/16

The featured vendor this week is special to me in many ways-first, I should tell you she's my sister-in-law, and we are kindred spirits in many ways.  We love to go estate sale shopping together and know one another's styles so well, that we can literally pick items for each other, and very rarely get it wrong! I am happy to introduce you to Marsha Pimperl, who will be bringing The French Moth to the market.  

Marsha describes her vintage style as French Country.  It's a very elegant style with bits of rustic timeworn patinas thrown in. 

Marsha loves to create pretty table settings, complete with cloth napkins at every meal.  She sewed these fabulous linen rolled picnic sets that have silved plated flatware tucked inside.  Can't you see it now?  A pretty quilt spread out on the grass, a basket filled with fresh French bread, pasta salad, and fruit.  Each person ceremoniously unwraps their flatware, all the while admiring the beautiful handiwork...add to that a good bottle of wine, and it's the perfect picnic!  Martha Stewart would be impressed.

This is a shot of Marsha's back door...I always find myself wandering around her house with the camera whenever we visit her family in Mississippi.  I love everything about this shot-the chippy paint, the color, that doorknob...

Below is a look into Marsha's flower garden just outside the back door.  She has an eye for detail and knows how to add pretty little things in just the right places.

Marsha is also a writer, having just completed her first novel, The Visitation.  When asked to tell me a little bit about the book, she answered, "It's just a quirky little book."  She has not yet publicly announced anything about the book, so we'll have to wait to find out more...

Their house always has an abundance of dogs, too.  Marsha and her husband, Cameron, provide a soft place for stray animals to land...yes, they can't help themselves.  And, it seems like when one disappears, another dog shows up to take it's place.  She tells me that they are down to seven at the moment, and they are all "getting along" which is not always the case.  Oh, and they have a cat now too.  He was rescued from a tree where the dogs had him stranded.

When you get to the market, you'll want to find The French Market quickly...her style is very popular these days, and I have a feeling everyone is going to want a treasure or two from Marsha!

Featured on 7/13/2016

I am happy to welcome Elizabeth Ann's from Pelham, Alabama, to our fall market.  Whenever I head up to Birmingham, I always try to stop in to see the great new (old) treasures that these ladies bring to the market inside Oak Mountain Emporium, so you can't even imagine how excited I was to find out that they wanted to attend as vendors!  Now, let me tell you a little about this fun couple of ladies.

Elizabeth Ann's was born about ten years ago, although Elizabeth states that she was being groomed for the business many years before by her mother and grandmother who encouraged her creativity.  A few months ago, Elizabeth Ann's gained a new business partner, so now as one half of this creative pair puts it, "Elizabeth Ann's is owned by two crazy - junk loving - vignette creating - a tad over 50 - women named Elizabeth Bottchen and Rene Day who are doing what we love."

isn't this little girl just precious?  I just wish I could read her mind...she doesn't look happy to be all dressed up and having her picture taken.  She is definitely an attention grabber.   Elizabeth explains that she wanted a unique price tag and business card to represent the business, so she decided to use a copy of a century old photograph that she had received from her grandfather. "Grandpa thought the little girl was one of our relatives but he didn't know her name- I just call her Lulu.  So when you buy something from Elizabeth Ann's, you get a little piece of my family heritage." Click here for a link to the story about the little girl on Elizabeth Ann's tags.

When asked about how she started the business, Elizabeth tells me, "I started with items I had already collected.  I set up and displayed them in my space in unique ways - ways I thought would look good in people's homes.  I later discovered the little scenes that I was creating were called vignettes.  That's now one of my favorite words and creating vignettes is still how Rene and I set up our spaces.  We shop, pick and go junkin' in many different venues:  auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, etc.  We've even done a little trash picking.  The one thing we haven't worked up the nerve to do is to just knock on someone's door and ask, 'Can we look around and buy some of your stuff?' (Being a wife of a recently retired, 30 year veteran police officer might have something to do with it!)  Over the years, my tastes have changed and evolved, but I've always leaned toward an antique and vintage French and English country feel in my spaces, and that continues today.  You'll find farmhouse and a little industrial as well."

When asked to tell us a little about herself, Rene explains, "I am an educator, wife, and mom to two beautiful young women.  In past lives, I've been a residential interior designer and Family & Consumer Sciences teacher.  I had an amazing opportunity to travel the world as a full-time Army wife, but have been back home in Alabama for almost 20 years.  With all the changes life brought, the constants have been my love of special "pre-loved" treasures and making living spaces as gorgeous as possible.  I believe that good design doesn't have to be exclusive or expensive and that anyone can transform the places in which they live and love to reflect individual beauty."

According to Rene,  "Elizebeth Ann's attempts to educate others about the opportunity to stretch decorating dollars AND help them obtain better quality items by providing true period treasures at fair and reasonable prices.  We constantly scour our sources for the beautiful unique pieces that history has warmed to just the right patina.  We take enormous pride in the way that we merchandise our displays so that they are a feast for the eyes and fodder for other creative minds.  Our passion is helping others to design homes that they truly love."

Elizabeth and Rene tell me that they are excited to be taking the Elizabeth Ann's "show" on the road in October, when they set up at Down in the Delta-The Vintage & Antiques Market.  And, I know that we are looking forward to having them!

Featured on 7/6/2016

Chris Redlich of Black Flame Creations is a steampunk artist, and a very good one.  It's fascinating to see what Chris can make with discarded bits and pieces. He and his wife, Lorraine, a friend of mine, are always on the lookout for treasures (aka junk!) that can be transformed into the next great piece.  Here, Chris is pictured with Lorraine and daughter, Megan.  (As a side note, Megan created my Down in the Delta logo up at the top of the page!)

Chris Redlich's artist statement:

A little more than 5 years ago I  attended a comic con convention with my family in Tampa Florida. It was there that I saw my first “steampunk” cosplayer.  It immediately triggered my interest and I attended a panel (mini lecture) about building props. When we arrived home I started building an inventory of clockparts and any item with inner working. I soon understood this was something I enjoyed and was told I was very good at creating the Steampunk aesthetic.  My passion never stopped and I continue to take this art form in new directions. The innovation of what could be is in everything I look at now. It’s a grounded, believable science fiction that most people can relate to..Especially things built with old vacuum tubes.

If you know of anyone who loves steampunk art, please share this event with them, as I'm sure they would be thrilled to see what Chris brings to the market.  And, if you are not familiar with this art form, you are in for a real treat--I predict you will become a fan!
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