We have numerous unusual props available to rent for your event at Pimperl Place.  Some are one-of-a-kind antiques.  

Antique Pulpit

Gothic Arch Window Frame and Floor Candelabra #1

Antique Church/Wedding Floor Candelabra #1

Antique Church/Wedding Floor Candelabra #2

Antique White Wicker Floor Standing Fern Stand w/Insert

Antique Large Wicker Flower Basket

Vintage Smaller Wicker Flower Baskets (I have four)

Antique Brass Church Candelabra w/Snuffer

Antique Crucifix

Large Memo/Photo Board in Vintage Frame--Linen Fabric w/Pearl Head Pins
Various Floral Centerpieces and Containers

Various Lanterns

Large Chalkboards

Information available upon request.  Please note--these pieces are only available for events booked at Pimperl Place.

Please contact us at judypimperl@yahoo.com or 251-937-3572.

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