Hi, I’m Judy…

Welcome to my studio, Down in the Delta!  

The last forty (or so) years I’ve worked in visual merchandising, and made everything from garments to stained glass windows.  My hands have created two-dimensional artwork in oil, acrylic, watercolor, soft pastels, and mixed-media, and although I still play around in these areas whenever the mood strikes, these days I’m mostly making what I like to call “art to wear”—jewelry

My signature jewelry is primarily fabricated from raw metals to include copper and sterling silver, but some pieces will get vintage bits and pieces incorporated into their designs.  

I’m inspired by many things when it comes to designing jewelry.  Read on to get a glimpse into how my designs come to be…

Some nights I dream about making things and can’t wait to get up in the morning to start creating what I fabricated in my dreams.  I have very vivid dreams and can see every detail.  It’s as if I’m actually creating with real materials.

I’m in love with architectural elements, so they frequently show up in my jewelry,  especially gothic arches.  I even have a Gothic arch wall mural in my studio, which makes for a beautiful inspirational and dramatic place in which to work—add music and it’s the perfect work environment for me.

Elements of nature and sea creatures will take center stage in some pieces, and that’s to be expected since I live in the edge of what’s known as America’s Amazon in South Alabama, an area rich in flora and fauna.

I especially love the ferns…

and things with wings—or sometimes just the wings…

and mermaids….

Sometimes a gemstone or a bead will reveal to me what it wants to become if I study it for a few days, and I usually see it in my mind’s eye in a specific metal, either silver or copper, so I design accordingly.

Each piece is signed with the Down in the Delta signature tag, or stamped with the logo.

If you’d like a closer look at my work — here’s my catalog

Down in the Delta jewelry can also be found at Innova Arts in Mobile, Alabama.

My work has been featured several times over the last couple of years in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine.


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