Hi, I’m Judy…

The last forty (or so) years I’ve worked in visual merchandising, and made everything from garments to stained glass windows; my hands have created artwork in oil, acrylic, watercolor, soft pastels, and mixed-media and I still play around in these areas whenever the mood strikes.. 

 I have so much fun with interior design and seasonal decorating..  My husband has learned after thirty-five years of marriage to turn on the lights before walking around in the house at night, because I frequently move big things around.   If you’re interested in these things, you can follow Pimperl Place on Instagram to see how things are moving and changing at home and on the grounds of our place.

I absolutely LOVE planning and decorating for events and entertaining friends and family.  Spending time in the kitchen is another part of entertaining that I enjoy, as well.  I feel that cooking is just another art form and a way to share and show love.

After years of buying and selling vintage and antique pretties, taking the show on the road, and hosting markets at our venue, I’m settling into a creative life of jewelry-making in my home studio which is located in Baldwin County, Alabama.  I keep trying to retire, but some of us just aren’t meant to sit still…

I’ve always felt a calling to make things pretty, so as long as I’m able, that’s what I’ll do.

About my jewelry—I work primarily in raw metals to include copper and sterling silver, but some pieces will get vintage bits and pieces incorporated into their designs.  I’m inspired by many things when it comes to my jewelry designs…sometimes, I design things in my sleep and can’t wait to get up in the morning to start recreating what I made in my dreams.  I’m inspired by architectural designs, especially gothic arches and church windows.  Elements of nature and sea creatures, especially mermaids, will turn up in my work frequently.  Sometimes a gemstone or a bead will reveal to me what it wants to become if I study it for a few days, and at times I just work intuitively without a real plan.  In any case, each piece will always be a one-of-a-kind piece of art to wear.

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I post jewelry almost daily at DownintheDeltallc. 

Thanks for stopping by!